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About Scaffold Education

Scaffold Education is an educational company that uses technology to assist organizations in its mission to enhance their results through people development. We believe that in order to impact our society, it is necessary to facilitate access to education, and for that, we work dedicated to create and optimize the best strategies that can increase opportunities and transform needs into results.

Boost results through learning

Discover the E-learning / LMS Platform developed by Scaffold Education to meet your company’s needs, overcoming the education challenges – formal and corporate. We help building unique learning experiences to support companies and organizations to achieve the desired results.

Reduce training costs

Save time and money on your training with our platform. It centralizes everything you need in your training plans, is ready to use and updates automatically. A complete, low-cost and easy to use solution to integrate and train your employees with quality and in quicker way.

Connect employees

Eliminate geographical barriers to bring your employees closer with training that can be attended at any time, place and by many more people. It is possible to reduce travel costs and make routine schedules more flexible, always maintaining the high quality of development and learning.

Our team is ready to assist you!

Our team is always available to provide the best personalized customer support experience. We identify and transform your needs into opportunities through strategic planning to enhance the engagement in your T&D plans, with the objective of using the platform’s full potential.